The Glen Country Club is a gorgeous setting for a year-end corporate party. Towering mountains behind, the sparkling Atlantic Ocean ahead. Clifton in Cape Town has everything going for it, especially in summer. Now, imagine that it’s December and you’re about to go on leave. Bliss.

The lovely team at Whimsical Parties put together a fun corporate event for the Jupiter Room. Their theme? Tacky wedding! There were big pink floral arrangements, pink balloons shaped into a heart and bright pink tie-backs on the chairs. And lots of white. That’s where The Events Draping Co. came in. The club-house walls were decked out from ceiling to floor in full white draping and decorated with a series of swags. Even the pillars were swathed in white. Outside the roofs of the snow peaks were draped in white and similarly decorated. Here comes the bride…um, the partygoers, rather!

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