An epic story of power, faith and betrayal, Samson the Movie brings the well-known biblical story to life on the big screen. Filmed on site in and around Stellenbosch, The Events Draping Co. was thrilled to be part of the action behind the scenes.

The look and feel of ancient Israel was recreated by the production team who painstakingly built a series of life-size structures out of polystyrene and then magically transformed them into biblical edifices with the assistance of skillful paint techniques. Charged with draping the ‘harem’ room, the Events Draping Co. team used specially ‘aged’ burgundy and red fabric that flowed down the high walls of the venue. In the temple more ‘aged’ fabric, blue this time, was draped on either side of twelve imposing pillars that had to tumble down on cue for Samson’s grand finale!

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